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Add a sunshiny smile of fresh citrus to your day with Sunny Citrus Blend. Energizing, uplifting, and fresh this blend with brighten your day and boost your mood. If you love citrus you'll love Sunny Citrus Blend!


Sunny Citrus Blend (5 ml or 15 ml diffuser blend): Citrus sinensis (orange)*, Citrus paradisi (rose grapefruit)*, Citrus reticulata (green mandarin)*, Cymbopogon martinii var. Motia (palmarosa)*

*organic or wildcrafted


To Use: add 4 - 6 drops (or as directed by manufactuer) to a diffuser and enjoy. Dilute well in carrier oil or lotion to use topically. Caution: Avoid exposure to sunlight for 24 hours if used topically due to photosensitive nature of some citrus essential oils.



Sunny Citrus Blend

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