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Community Partnerships

Women Organizing Women (WOW): Aromatic Formulations has partnered with WOW and the Lydia Project. The Lydia Project is a program designed to educate, equip and prepare women to become self-reliant on their ability to utilize their creative gifts and talents as a means to develop grass root or micro businesses. We originally created "Be Lydia" products for a WOW event, but wanted to do more. So we've decided to give portion of the proceeds from all of our products to this important cause. To learn more about the Lydia Project and how you can help click here. So when you purchase a product for yourself or as a gift you'll know it's doing even more good. 

We are proud to be a corporate sponsor of the Oak Grove Center Culinary Creations and member of the Culinary Corporate Club. They offer delicious baked goods (including yummy gluten free options), catering, as well as coffee and teas in a comfortable and cozy cafe setting in Old Town Temecula. The culinary program supports Oak Grove School which supports at-risk youth. OGCC provides opportunities for youth to learn, grow, heal, and thrive. Be sure to check them out next time you're in Temecula. 

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