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My Most Requested Face Wash

Summertime means more fun in the sun. Last thing any teen wants slowing them down is blemishes. While this wash may look a bit strange it packs a powerful yet gentle punch. It has the germ fighting power of honey, the detoxifying power of French green clay, and can be customized with essential oils specific for your skin type. It's easy to make and it's free of synthetic chemicals. Here's how to make honey face wash:

You'll need

*a clean 4 oz glass or PET plastic bottle (something the essential oils won't react with)

* 1/ 4 Distilled water or chamomile or lavender hydrosol

* 2 tablespoons Unpasteurized liquid honey

* 2 tablespoons Castile Soap

* 1 teaspoon French green clay (optional)

*Essential oils (I typically use 6 drops geranium, 6 drops lavender, and 3 drops niaouli and I'll list a few other ideas below)

It's best to gently warm the honey in a bowl of hot water to help it flow more easily. Add ingredients to the clean bottle using a funnel. Make sure to use a dry funnel to add the clay or simply leave it out. Add essential oils. Cap and mix gently -- the honey may take a bit of time to dissolve and the clay will tend to settle out. Add a label with ingredients and date. The green clay gives the wash a murky look but once you try the wash you'll love it. To use simply shake bottle, pour a small amount into your hands, and wash face. Follow up with toner and moisturizer if desired. And enjoy your glowing blemish free skin. You can vary the essential oils based on your personal preferences and skin type. Tea Tree, juniper berry, lemon, cedarwood, clary sage, chamomile, basil, spearmint, and thyme are all great choices to fight acne -- pick two or three and add a total of 15-18 drops. If you have questions or would like a custom creation please contact Tricia. *** Image source ***

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