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An Ounce of Prevention: Soothing Cuts & Scrapes and Fighting Germs

If you have active kids you probably encounter your fair share of cuts and scrapes. Maybe it's from falls on bikes or skateboards, scraped toes from swimming, skinned knees or elbows from sports, or the like. Or if you're active yourself hiking, biking, gardening, repairing, and such you most likely get minor cuts and scrapes as well. Using an essential oil containing first aid spray helps fight germs, soothe, and promotes skin healing. These days with the increased prevalence of CA-MRSA it's wise to clean and disinfect cuts at the get-go. Plus essential oils have analgesic and skin support properties. In this blog we'll look at several ways you can blend essential oils to help soothe cuts and scrapes.

In general essential oils should be diluted in a carrier. This could be a fixed oil, aloe gel, hydrosol, lotion, or even water. Below are several ways you can incorporate essential oils into a soothing, germ fighting blend.

First Aid Gel:

This aloe based gel features soothing lavender and germ fighting tea tree along with other skin healing oils. After washing a cut or scrape to remove dirt and debris apply this gel.

1 oz aloe gel (preferably organic)

10 drops lavender

5 drops tea tree

3 drops frankincense

Combine ingredients in a glass or PET plastic bottle and shake to blend. Clean wound and apply gel directly to cut or scrape.

First Aid Spray:

1 oz distilled water

5-6 drops lavender

5-6 drops tea tree

Combine ingredients in a spray bottle and gently shake to blend. Clean wound and spray or apply mixture directly to cut or scrape and allow to air dry. With fresh cut/scrape repeat 2-3 times per day. Continue until scab forms.

Germ fighting oils include tea-tree, manuka, lavender, among others. Soothing oils include lavender, frankincense, cedar wood, and helichrysum among others.

Essential oils can be used to treat cuts and scrapes quickly to kill germs and promote healing. Stopping germs in their tracks can help healing progress as it should. For additional blog posts on wound healing check out:

If you have essential oil or aromatherapy questions please contact Tricia.

To your abundant health,

Tricia :) <3

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