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More on Essential Oils for Back to School: Knock out Germs with DIY Chest Rub and Roll On Blends

In my last back to school post we covered essential oils that fight germs and a few ways to use them to protect against colds. Essential oils do a great job fighting germs and work best if you use them before a cold sets in and in small amounts often. Topical use of immune supporting oils can help thwart colds and soothe symptoms so you can feel better faster if you do get sick. An easy way to use essential oils topically is by blending them into an unscented lotion or carrier oil. The aromatic compounds in essential oils are absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream. According to research, these compounds have anti-microbial, mucolytic, and expectorant effects. The aromatic compounds in these oils can create feelings of clear airways, relax and soothe the body, and stimulate white blood cell production. Using small amounts of essential oils is often an effective strategy to stay well.

Immune support chest rub: Adding essential oils to an unscented lotion is an easy way to make a therapeutic chest rub. Using oils such as eucaplytus globulus or radiata, tea tree, orange, frankincense, thyme, peppermint, lemon, lavender, or blends such as Thieves oil is an easy way to open airways and support wellness. Aim for 10-18 drops of total oils per ounce. Here are a few ideas.

To a 1 ounce jar add

1 ounce unscented lotion (preferably organic)

5 drops eucaplytus globulus or radiata

3 drops tea tree

1 drop peppermint

3 - 5 drops orange

Mix oils into lotion and apply to chest and neck as needed. This rub can help open airways and help fight the latest bug going around. You could also simply add 10-18 drops of a high quality pre-made respiratory or immune blend such as OnGuard® or Breathe®. For young kids many aromatherapists suggest substituting cedarwood black spruce, or white fir essential oil for the 1, 8 cineole rich eucalyptus as it can be very strong.

Recipe for younger kids (5 -10)

to a 1 ounce jar add

1 ounce unscented lotion (preferably organic)

2 drops cedarwood (Juniperus virginiana)

1 drops tea tree

1 drops orange

2 drops lavender

Mix oils into lotion and apply to chest and neck as needed. It's recommended to use a lower dilution of oils with young children.

These blends can also be made in a rollerball using a liquid carrier oil. Since most roller balls are 10 mls you can use fewer drops of oil. A total of 4 to 6 drops would work well in a roller ball for older kids and adults, 2 or 3 drops works well for younger children. These blends can be "rolled" onto the neck or chest or bottoms of the feet as needed.

A strategy I use to help fight colds and flu is to

* diffuse immune supporting oils to clear the air at home and support our respiratory health

* use essential oil hand cleaner throughout the day

* use an essential oil steam tent if I feel like I'm coming down with a bug

* use oils topically day or night to support my immune system or soothe symptoms

*Quick tip: add a few drops of essetial oil to a teaspoon of carrier oil (jojoba/coconut oil) and add to a bath for a soothing soak. Lavender and eucaplytus make a great nighttime soak. Aim for 3-5 drops/bath.

*remember a little essential oil used often throughout the day supports your system well.

If you have questions please contact Tricia. If you are interested in a webinar or online class click here to sign up for updates: "Protect Your Family from Cold and Flu"

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