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Love Your Skin Naturally. Treat Blemishes with Honey Face Wash and Aloe Tea Tree Spot Treatment.

Many teens suffer with problem skin. Changes in hormones, poor diet, and stress etc. can result in blemishes and less than healthy skin. There are many options available from prescription drugs and antibiotics, 3 step systems, acids, and such. But there are also powerful natural options that can leave skin looking healthy.

Honey is an amazing natural antibacterial agent. It also is hygroscopic and absorbs water from the air, which is beneficial for skin. Additionally it is a source of antioxidants. Which is why it is employed in skin care and wound care. Medicinal manuka honey is so beneficial in fighting bacteria and even suggested to fight MRSA.1, 2

Essential oils are also beneficial at fighting blemishes and supporting healthy skin. Many essential oils are antibacterial, skin soothing, and promote skin health in many ways. I'd like to share two recipes for natural facial products that at first may seem a bit weird but teens love when they see how it helps their skin. Honey face wash and aloe - EO spot treatment.

Honey face wash is made with of course honey (raw, unpasturized, and organic preferably), castille soap, water or hydrosol, and essential oils. I like to add solubol to keep oils and water in solution and sometimes I'd add a bit of French green clay for additional detoxification properties.

Aloe spot treatment is simply essential oils diluted in aloe gel. The bacterial fighting power of essential oils with the skin soothing properties of aloe gel. Here's how to make both:

Honey Face Wash:

4-6 oz glass bottle or PET plastic bottle

2 tablespoons unpasteurized honey

10 drops geranium essential oil

6 drops lavender essential oil

3 drops niaoli essential oil

2 tablespoons castille soap

1/4 cup distilled water or lavender or chamomile hydrosol

6-19 drops solubol (or just shake before use)

1 tsp French green clay (optional)

Add essential oils to glass bottle along with solubol (best way to solubilize oil and aqueous mix). Mix gently to combine. Add water or hydrosol, honey. Mix gently to combine. Add clay if using and mix to combine. Add soap and mix gently to combine. Use a small amount twice per day to wash face. Follow with aloe spot treatment and a lavender or rose hydrosol spritz or toner of choice and moisturizer.

Aloe Spot Treatment:

15 ml PET or Glass bottle

aloe gel

12 drops tea tree essential oil (Melaleuca alternafolia)

3 drops lavender essential oil (Lavendula angustfolia)

15 drops of solubol (or just shake before use)

This is a bit stronger than the face wash since we're treating blemishes directly and really want to fight bacteria. I start with a 3-5% blend.

Add solubol and essential oils to bottle and mix to combine (best way to solubilize oil and aqueous mix). Add aloe and mix gently to combine. To use: dab a small amount of aloe gel to blemishes.

If you'd like to learn more about how essential oils and natural products can support skin health please contact Tricia or visit the web store. Please note you'll need to contact me for honey wash or aloe gel as they are non preserved products.

Enjoy your healthy skin!

Stay healthy my friends,


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