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Struggling with Self Care? Take One Step at a Time.

I've run three marathons. Now I understand that running is not everyone's thing, but I see people working hard at things all the time -- athletic, job related, life related, and sometimes life can be like running a marathon -- it's hard keeping on going, it's painful, and you want to give up.

In each marathon at mile 20 or so things got really hard. I had to keep asking myself can I take one more step? In one my muscles cramped so bad I was forced to walk. I had come so far but could I make it? Another kind runner offered me some water. "Have you been hydrating enough?" he asked.

I finished and was touched with the kindness of this stranger and also struck with the thought have I been doing all I needed to do to be my best?

As a runner I was stuck in a rut of running a certain number of miles per day, not concerned about hydration or nutrition. And rest and recovery -- what??? To be my best was more than just running miles but I wasn't aware. I think the same is true in self care.

There are many people who want to feel better, eat better, exercise more, lose weight, sleep better, ease aches, or even do things to fight disease they are facing.

Like a marathon these things can feel challenging, even impossible. But most often one step at a time we can overcome these challenges.

Is it easy? NO! Is it worth it? YES! But it begins in the MIND. If you are like me it's easy to make excuses. There are lots of excuses for not reaching the goals we'd like to achieve. BUT we are equipped with a POWERFUL MIND that allows us to THINK what we'd like to achieve, CREATE a plan, and CARRY it out.

I meet many people who are stressed, would like to lose weight, sleep better, feel better, and many other issues. The truth is the human mind has the potential to overcome many obstacles. When we DECIDE something is important to us we our best to make it happen.

Often women are very concerned about many other people other than themselves and forget to meet their own needs. But as we often reminded on flights -- attend to your own oxygen needs before helping others -- we can best help others when we are at our bests.

Eating well, sleeping enough, exercising, and feeling our best can be daunting in this crazy busy world. But we must ask ourselves. Do we value self care? What things stand in the way of it? What does it look like for me?

It's easy to talk about but how do we implement it? For me I strive to exercise daily and incorporate healthy food choices. My struggles include the fact that I also enjoy snack foods that I don't really need to eat, wine and beer, and these can add up to extra calories I don't really need and are not the most nutritious choices. Work can interfere with workouts.

The key is mindfulness and choice. Our minds are POWERFUL. When we chose to make change, imagine it, create a plan, we can keep pressing forward. If you truly wish to create change in your life it begins with a choice and taking it one step, one day at a time.

All races no matter how long are run one step at a time. You just need to decide to start and press on. Can I help in any way? Can I pray for you? Contact me or stop by the apothecary.

aromatic blessings,


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