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Can Drinking Extra Water Erase Wrinkles? The Scoop on Water and Skin Health

Water can help keep your skin looking good.

Dehydration can make your skin look and feel dry and wrinkled. Adequate daily water intake can improve hydration and the look and feel of your skin.

But can drinking extra water (over hydrating) erase fine lines and wrinkles?

Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence to support the idea that over

hydrating will erase fine lines or wrinkles.

How much water do you need each day? The amount will vary from person to person and depends on how much water is lost each day through sweating and such.

Typically, four to six glasses of water should be adequate for most healthy adults, but some may need more. You can also support hydration by eating fruits and vegetables or other water rich foods.

In addition to adequate hydration other ways to support healthy skin include:

*avoid excessively hot showers and baths

*use a gentle cleanser

*moisturize after a bath, shower, or hand washing

*use a humidifier in dry climate or seasons

*avoid OVER exposure to the sun (some sun exposure is necessary for vitamin D synthesis)

*eat a healthy diet that includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats

* avoid smoking

*get fresh air

*get adequate exercise (it supports healthy blood flow thus nutrient flow to the skin)

*get adequate sleep

Moisturizers help support hydrated skin in several ways. Emulsified moisturizers contain both water and oil soluble ingredients.

Humectants are ingredients that draw moisture into the skin. They include things such as glycerin, honey, sodium PCA, and hyaluronic acid.

Emollients help make the skin feel soft and moisturized and can help create a barrier to lock in moisture and support the skin’s barrier function. These include oils, butters, as well as naturally derived and synthetic ingredients such as esters, lipids, and fatty acids. The term emollient can also refer to moisturizing products such as lotions, creams, and ointments.

Occlusives form a protective layer on the surface of the skin and help prevent moisture loss. These include waxes, butters, as well as naturally derived and synthetic ingredients.

Water plays a vital role in helping our skin to look and feel its best. Drinking adequate water, eating water rich foods, and locking in moisture with moisturizers can help keep your skin looking good.

Are you drinking enough water and moisturizing? Or is your skin thirsty?

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