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Love Essential Oils? Here's a Way to Enjoy Their Therapeutic Benefits at Work and On the Go

I was at a vendor event recently and was doing an aromatherapy demo and the one thing I most remember is the smiles of individuals as they created a simple aromatherapy blend with an intention using the essential oils set in front of them in an aroma inhaler.

It wasn't complicated. But most had never heard of aroma inhalers.

An aroma inhaler is like a personal diffuser you can carry in your pocket or purse, keep bedside, bring to appointments, use in a hospital or on a plane.

There's a plastic or stainless steel housing that holds a cotton or polyester wick that holds the essential oils. To create one you simply add essential oils to the wick, seal in the housing, and uncap and inhale to enjoy.

Aroma inhalers can created with a variety of intentions in mind. For relaxation, to improve focus, to ease a headache, to ease nausea, to reduce feelings of anxiety, and more.

They typically last for months depending on use. Some are refillable (stainless steel type) and some are recyclable (plastic types).

When I travel I take immune supportive inhalers filled with essential oils such as tea tree, orange, eucalyptus, clove and such along to use on planes, trains, and in hotel rooms.

To ease headaches inhalers that feature peppermint, lavender, and frankincense essential oils can be a welcome relief.

Nausea can be thwarted with a blend of orange, peppermint, and ginger essential oils. And to support focus at work or school a blend of rosemary, peppermint, or orange can help.

Aroma inhalers are readily available from many essential oil suppliers or online retailers.

To create one

1. Place the wick inside the plastic tube or stainless steel tube.

2. Carefully add the essential oils to the wick. Avoid getting oils in the tube or on your hands. Alternatively add the essential oils to a ceramic dish and use tweezers to mop up the oils with the wick. Place wick in plastic tube.

3. Seal the tube using the plastic plug. Uncap and inhale as needed.

4. If you get essential oils on your skin wipe the area with a bit of carrier oil to dilute the essential oils and/or wash hands thoroughly.

To enjoy simply uncap the tube, inhale, and enjoy.

To get you started here is an wonderful immune support recipe:

7 drops sweet orange (Citrus sinensis) essential oil

5 drops ravintsara (Cinnamomum camphora) essential oil

3 drops tea tree (Melaleuca alternafolia) essential oil

Add oils drop-wise to the wick (or use the mop up method). Once the oils are added to the wick and it’s inside the tube cap the inhaler. Add label. To use: uncap and place under nostril. Inhale. Repeat on other side. Immune inhalers are perfect for travel, work, or on the go.

Other combinations of essential oils used in aroma inhalers can help ease headache, support focus or relaxation, support sleep, open airways, or ease nausea.

During the vendor event people created inhalers for relaxation, to ease headache, to support focus, and more but in each instance as they chose oils, created, the inhaler, uncapped and smelled it the response was the same: delight, smiles, and enjoyment.

It was beautiful to see how something so simple could bring so much joy and benefit.

I'll be sharing more inhaler recipes in upcoming posts.

And if you're interested learning more about aroma inhalers we offer check out our aromatherapy and wellness page. Or if you'd like to offer an aroma inhaler class at your next event please contact Tricia.

Aromatic blessings,



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