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Had a Great Time at the Temecula Running Center Expo!

Maya and I headed out at 6 am this morning with the van packed full of aromatherapy items. We had a great time meeting the racers, passers by, and vendors. We didn't get a chance to run the free 5K but while the runners were off we got to visit a few booths.

First stop was the HotShot booth. This spicy drink is formulated with organic ingredients scientifically proven to reduce muscle cramping. They sell it at the running center and it sounds like a great idea to have on hand for the next Sunridge World Vision marathon -- especially around mile 20. I thought it tasted great. Like spicy apple cider. I regret not picking up a few bottles on special today but I'm going to head to their website in preparation for long runs and race day. If you're curious check out

Second stop was the natural gu station "Muir Energy". People were raving about how yummy it was and I have to agree. And it's organic, vegan, paleo, gluten-free, and non-GMO. So good you can spread it on a bagel before you run. Really. They sell at the running center and online at (And I heard you can get $5 off your order when you use the code TRY_ME). I'll be using this during my long runs for sure.

And I was so excited to get a bag of goodies from the Lace Up Running Series. You can check out the racing series at

I met a lot of other great people and vendors today as well. And of course we had a great time at the Aromatherapy by Tricia booth talking oils, selling handcrafted items, and offering make and take aromatherapy lotions.

The Temecula Running Center does such an amazing job supporting our community with fun events like this expo and Thursday night fun runs. And the staff is always so friendly and helpful. If you need running shoes, gear, or running related items you'll be happy you stoped by. More info. is on their website at

Thanks again Temecula Running Center and Rosalie for organizing and having us at your expo.

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