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It's Not Weird if It Works. Aroma Inhalers as Unsung Heros of Fighting Cold and Flu

Reusable aroma inhaler disassembled
Aroma Inhalers

I love watching my son play baseball and I enjoy watching baseball with my son. As playoff begin and team strive to win the World Series you'll see all sorts of good luck charms and rituals appear. Rally monkeys, plantains, and caps worn backwards, inside out, and so forth. And we say "it's not weird if it works" right?

Well I'm not sure about the scientific evidence that supports baseballs "weird" rally charms but I do know that some people think aroma inhalers are a little weird but there's plenty of evidence that essential oils and the aromatic compounds they contain are very effective at fighting germs.

I work part-time with teenagers and of course I've got two of my own. This time of year I'm around a lot of germy, sneezing, coughing kids and their sick parents. (pausing to use my aroma inhaler at this thought!). I'm a little behind on sleep. And I feel that little inkling of something trying to take hold and make me sick.

So first thing I did this morning is a steam tent with rosemary and tea tree and made myself an aroma inhaler. Both are super simple and I can carry the inhaler with me to work and use discreetly through out the day (or pull it out and get odd looks from everyone around me).

To make an inhaler you'll need either a disposable or reusable inhaler (see the pictures). You'll add 10-20 drops of essential oils to the cotton wick. Seal it up and you've got an inhaler that will last a months or two depending on use. This morning I created a lovely blend of:

4 drops Rosemary ct. camphor (Rosmarinus officinalis ct camphor)

4 drops Eucaplytus radiata

4 drops Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternafolia)

4 drops orange (Citrus sinensis)

I used a disposable inhaler with an organic cotton wick (cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops in the US). I'll used this throughout the day to help support my body and fight germs.

So it may seem a little weird (you could even make one in your teams favorite colors) but they are so useful for many reasons, especially for fighting germs.

If you don't have the oils or inhalers on hand you can purchase a variety of immune inhalers on my site or contact me for a custom one. Hey it's not weird if it works!

to your good health,


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