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Healing Hydrosols -- Amazing for the Skin and Spirit. Simple and Gentle to Use.

I was reminded again today how awesome hydrosols are today when I got a text from a friend that was amazed at how well they worked.

Hydrosols are aromatic water with healing benefits. They are kind of like a water counterpart to essential oils. Plants are placed in a still and steam is forced through the material causing the plant cells to burst open and release essential oils and other molecules.

When the distillate is cooled and collected and the essential oils float to the surface and the water below is the hydrosol. This "plant water" contains water soluble molecules of the plant and can have wonderful therapeutic effects. Hydrosols often smell quite different from the essential oil but are easy to use, very gentle, and support skin and overall health .

I like using hydrosols in face washes and in sprays to soothe sunburn or rashes. I've seen examples of dramatic improvement in skin health using hydrosols both personally and in the practice of fellow aromatherapists.

And hydrosols are so simple to use. You can literarily spray it directly on the issue or easily incorporate it into a recipe.

For example I recently added 20 ml of lavender hydrosol to 10 ml of organic aloe gel in a spray bottle to help treat a friends skin irritation. After using it twice she was amazed. Her skin was soothed and irritation gone.

I also use hydrosol to create a face wash for teen skin. In addition to hydrosol it contains honey, essential oils, and castille soap. The hydrosols just add a layer of support for the skin.

After using the face wash I gave several teens rose hydrosol to spray on their face. They love it! It feels soothing and is healing for the skin and offers energetic and emotional support as well.

Hydrosols can also be use to support the health of teeth and gums when incorporated into a mouth wash, added to a bath, or sprayed in the air or on the skin.

When blending hydrosols and essential oils I like to use solubol-dispersant to allow the essential oils to incorporate into the mixture without having to shake it each time. It's a natural dispersant that allows the oils and water to combine. If you don't have solubol you can just shake your essential oil and hydrosol mixture each time.

Hydrosols are gentle enough to use safely with children and even on pets -- they can be used to support skin issues such as rashes, burns, cuts, fungus, dry skin, acne, or any mild irritation. They typically have a shelf life of six month to two years.

AromOx therapy can be combined with these skin supporting hydrosols and essential oils.

Hydrosol -- amazing, gentle, easy to use and effective. What's not to love.

If you are interested in learning more about hydrsols consider checking out these books:

Hydrosols, by Suzanne Catty Understanding Hydrolats, by Len Price Harvest to Hydrosol, by Ann Harman

If you'd like a hydrosol blend or have questions about hydrosols or where to purchase them contact Tricia.

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