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Three Easy DIY Aromatherapy/Herbal Gifts Kids Can Make

Sometimes it can be tough to find the perfect gift for mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa but these aromatherapy gift ideas are easy to make, customizable, and useful. And who doesn't love gifts made from the heart? Tomorrow I'll be helping a friend craft some sugar soaps and a creamy sugar scrub for gifting and they will take some time and work. But these three DIY gift ideas are super easy, fun, and truly thoughtful gifts that are simple enough for kids to make.

1. Simple DIY sugar scrub. There are many variations on sugar scrubs but this one is super simple and has only three ingredients: sugar, oil, and essential oils. Since it doesn't contain a preservative it's best to make a small batch and instruct the lucky recipient to use within a few weeks. To reduce mess you can even make these directly in the gift jar. (check out a quick video how to on my youtube channel below)

You'll need

2-4 oz PET or sturdy glass jars

sugar (I like to use organic)

oil (I like jojoba, but you could use fractionated coconut oil, olive oil, apricot kernel oil etc.)

Essential oils (good choices are lavender, orange, grapefruit, rosemary, eucalyptus, and frankincense. I personally love peppermint but people find it a bit too icy hot). You'll use about 10-12 drops per ounce of scrub. You can even use your favorite blend from any essential oil company or make your own.

Simply fill the jar 1/2 to 3/4 of the way full. Add oil to fill and the appropriate amount of essential oils (about 10-12 drops per ounce). Stir well, cap, and add a festive touch like a cute label, ribbon, etc. Use a small amount in the shower or tub to gently exfoliate. Be careful as the tub or shower can be slippery after use.

2. Essential oil lotion. By adding essential oils to an unscented lotion or cream you can create a therapeutic lotion that makes a lovely gift. Even dad and grandpa need a little moisturizing during the winter months. Just pick oils with aromas you think your recipient will like the best.

You'll need:

a 2 oz glass or PET jar

unscented lotion

Essential oils of choice (such as lavender and orange, rosemary and peppermint, lemon and grapefruit, rosemary and eucalyptus, cedarwood and lime, or your favorite blend).

Add about 2 oz (60 ml or 4 tablespoons) of unscented lotion or cream to the jar. Add 20-24 drops of your favorite essential oils or blend to lotion. Stir well, cap, and decorate. You can find labels at places like walmart or staples and print custom labels that make your gift look great.

3. Cinnamon Bath Salts:

Got a cinnamon lover in your family? Try adding these spices to sea salt you'll make a warming, fragrant bath salt your recipient will love. Pack in a lovely jar and you'll have a gorgeous gift.

You'll need:

Large jar

1 cup of sea salt or 1/2 cup sea salt and 1/2 cup epsom salt

3 tablespoons of cinnamon powder

1 tablespoon of ginger powder

combine all the ingredients and mix well to combine. Add 1/4 of salts per bath. Cinnamon is warming and has anti-viral properties and smells amazing. Ginger is soothing and great for achy muscles and joints.

Stay tuned for more fun and easy gift ideas for kids. And check out the ABT web store and blog for more gift ideas. If you have questions or would like other DIY ideas or oil suggestions contact Tricia.

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