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Aromatherapy Chest Rub for Nagging Coughs

The flu has hit hard around here. In it's wake it has been leaving a nagging cough. Coughs can be helpful to clear out excess mucus as the body clears out germs. But dry coughs are annoying and even when productive coughs that last for weeks are downright annoying.

In my household we've been quite fortunate that no one has had a bad flu. But my son did suffer a fever for a couple of days that trailed into a cough. Fortunately diffusing anti-viral and mucolytic oils plus steam treatments made short work of the cough but many people around are bothered by lingering coughs. Here are a few aromatic and herbal ideas to try to loosen phlegm and fight germs.

As I mentioned in an earlier post there are many oils that can help loosen mucus and make it easier for the body to clear. Oils such as eucaplytus, rosemary ct. camphor, ravintsara, and peppermint can help open airways.

Oils rich in d-limonene such a lemon, orange, mandarin, and grapefruit can support the immune system by helping promote white blood cell formation. Oils rich in a-pinene such as frankincense and fir oils can help soothe airways and calm coughs.

These essential oils can be easily incorporated into a salve or lotion. By adding 10 -18 drops of essential oils to an ounce of lotion or salve one can make a rub that loosens mucous and calms a cough. Try adding equal amounts of rosemary, peppermint, lemon, and ravintsara to an ounce of lotion or salve for a total of 10-18 drops. Rub onto your chest or neck as needed. This rub can help open airways, loosen mucous, and ease a cough.

Another great and easy to make help is a thyme syrup. Add 2-4 ounces of thyme to a quart of water and simmer gently until water is reduced by half (2 cups). Strain and add about a cup of honey. Take 1/2 teaspoon to a teaspoon every few hours to calm a cough.

If you find yourself on facebook complaining about your symptoms or cough give these recipes a try. If you're not into DIY I'm happy to help you out.

Why suffer any longer? Support your health and fight colds, coughs, and flu natural with essential oils and aromatherapy. Contact Tricia today.

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