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Love Yourself Too!

Many of my clients are moms and grandmas and what I find is that they are very busy loving and attending to the needs of others but often forget about themselves. Whether they are working moms, stay at home moms, or grandmas taking care of grandkids they work hard, share their time, their love but often forget to make sure they are taking a bit of time and love for themselves.

I often use example we hear when we fly on an airplane -- be sure to attend to your own oxygen needs first before trying to help others. Often muscle and head aches, digestive issues, cravings, lack of energy and so on stem from not meeting basic needs.

I ask clients about stress, getting enough sleep, taking time to nourish themselves throughout the day, and taking time to exercise. These things are not luxuries or selfish but by caring for ourselves we can better care for others.

Treating yourself to a massage, a relaxing bath, being sure to take time to eat and interact with others during a busy work day, finding enjoyable ways to move and exercise, and making time to relax and get enough sleep can go a long ways towards keeping our bodies healthy. And when we are strong we can better care for other around us.

I suggest you "treat yourself" to a relaxing bath, soothing skin care, essential oils or blends an AromOx therapy, aromatherapy consult, or perhaps dinner with friends, a hike, or turn in early and get the rest you need.

During consults I often feel that reminding people to care and love themselves is as much a part of the process as is making aromatherapy products to address sore muscles, headaches, or digestive issues.

So as you care for your kids, grandkids, significant others, family members, workers, and what not be sure to "treat yourself" and love yourself a little too.

If you'd like to treat yourself to ABT products (like our limited edition coco cream bath bombs) please enjoy 20% off during February. Just use the coupon code HEART during checkout.

What are your favorite ways to treat yourself? Do you carve out quiet time or feel inspired to carve out quiet time for yourself. Thanks for reading and leave a comment below.


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