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Is Topical CBD Application Beneficial for Relieving Muscle and Joint Aches?

People have heard of ingesting and inhaling cannabinoids for relief but what about topical applications? CBD, the cannabinoid from hemp that does NOT produce a high, can penetrate slowly into the skin and bind to the CB2 receptors. Topical CBD applications have provided many people with relief from inflammation, rashes, dry skin, headaches, sore muscles and joints, and more.

When ingesting CBD orally it can take up to 2 hours or more to experience the full effects and the entire body is affected. With topical application you can target an area for more focused, faster relief. CBD is more permeable than other cannabinoids and thus more likely to stimulate CB2 receptors so CBD rich tropicals are an excellent choice for natural, non-psychoactive relief.

These products can use purified CBD isolate, raw CBD rich hemp oil, or even CBD nanoparticles. The raw hemp oil with include additional synergies from non-psychoactive plant extract, CBD isolate allows for more specific formulations, while nanoparticles can enhance and increase rates of absorption. Depending on what you are looking for: a sustained release or quicker, faster acting action with or without additional benefits of hemp oil you can find topical products that work best for you.

How much is needed? As with anything using the lowest dose that gives the desired effect is ideal. So with essential oils or CBD why use more than you need. And everyone is different. It may take a bit of time to figure out a dose that works for you. Many salves contain 50 to 200mg of CBD per ounce or so. Start with a small amount gently massaged into the area of concern. CBD effects may take a few days to notice or you may find it works quickly for you. You can also look for products with ingredients that help with skin penetration. Since CBD does NOT make it's way into the bloodstream the effects of topical CBD are localized to the area to which it is applied.

If you are interested in trying topical or oral CBD applications contact Tricia for a sample or trial or visit the webstore to see available products.

CBD can be an effective natural solution to soothe inflammation, reduce joint and muscles aches, and soothe skin conditions.

In product trials people have indicated the rollers and salves have been "very effective" to "somewhat effective" for muscle aches and easy to use.

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