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Which CBD Product is Right for Me?

I like to think for myself. I like choice. So I provide lots of different products and customization for the people I serve. The only problem is that people can often be overwhelmed by choice.

I say I like choice but often when shopping for personal items and given 50 different options I also feel paralyzed. Whether its cereal or deodorant many choices is sometimes hard. But I stop, think, and evaluate. Choice is good. Thinking is good. Customization is good.

But I do get it. I offer many CBD products (and many other types of products) and I can imagine that choosing the "right" one can be daunting. But I'm here to help and even customize based on your personalized needs. So it may take a little time and thinking but I'd like to get the best product into your hands.

CBD is a great anti-inflammatory and I offer a CBD isolate, a nano isolate, and aa raw hemp CBD rich oil.

The nano CBD is the quickest acting and a good choice for acute issues. The slower absorbing CBD isolate may be better for chronic issues or dull, systemic, aches, it absorbs and acts over a longer time frame. Raw hemp oil offers additional nutrients and synergies from the hemp plant -- a more whole food sort of approach to relief.

Then you can choose a roller ball, a salve, or cream. The roller balls are great for localized application, all natural, fit easily and discretely in a purse or pocket, do not require a preservative, and the steel roller is cooling and feels good against the skin.

The salve is all natural as well and need no preservatives. It can contain herb infused oils for additional support as well as essential oils and menthol. They may feel a bit oily on the skin but are an effective way to deliver CBD topically. I can customize to help reduce the greasiness by choosing different oils.

The cream absorbs easily and incorporates both water and oil based ingredients. It feels less greasy than salves and can contain skin loving, water soluble ingredients and oil loving essential oils, infused oils, and menthol.

When suggesting a CBD product I want customers to select something they are going to use. Do you prefer the feel of a cream or salve or convenience of an on the go roller ball?

Are you looking for a cooling effect? Something that is fast acting or a more sustained release?

Think for yourself and choose a product that meets your needs. If you are unsure or would like further customization give me a call, or send a text or email.

CBD is a great anti-inflammatory and offers relief for many. Let me help you customize a solution for your unique needs, whether it's picking a product I already stock or create a new product or deliver system for you specific issue. Be relieved!

I also carry systemic acting hemp oil that can be added to smoothies and food.

If you have questions contact Tricia. If you'd like to share your experiences with CBD or Relieved! or ABT hemp products please comment below.

Wishing you aromatic blessings and health!


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