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Warming Relief with Black Pepper Essential Oil

Black pepper is a staple in most kitchens but in aromatherapy and massage? Yes the spicy steam distilled fruit of the Piper nigrum plant can help soothe minor aches and inflammation and support healthy digestion. Black pepper essential oil is warming and encourages circulation and healthy lung function. Black pepper should be used at no more than 1% however, which means 5-6 drops per ounce of carrier. I use black pepper alongside balsam copaiba in my Relieved! blend for the β-caryophyllene synergy. β-caryophyllene offers analgesic, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties. It has also been shown to be anti-viral and support the immune system. Black pepper is also rich in limonene. This aromatic compound helps other compounds to more easily enter the skin (penetration enhancer) and it also has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and immune supportive properties.

How to use:

Try adding black pepper to a roller ball, chest rub, or massage lotion. It will pair well with other oils that ease aches, support digestion, or fight germs. Just remember to keep it at 1% max to avoid sensitization.

Ease the aches blend:

To one ounce or carrier oil or lotion add:

4 drops black pepper essential oil (Piper nigrum)

4 drops balsam copaiba essential oil (Copaifera officinalis)

2 drops lavender essential oil (Lavendula angustafolia)

2 drops orange or lemon essential oil (Citrus sinensis)

Add oils to lotion or carrier and mix well. Massage onto sore muscles or achy joints. You can also use as a warming chest rub for a cold or cough.

So add a little black pepper to your salad, meat, or pasta in the kitchen but don't forget to give it a try in aromatherapy, massage, or ache relief. Black pepper essential oil has much to offer.

If you have questions about essential oils or aromatherapy contact Tricia. Comment below on your experiences with black pepper essential oil. To purchase Relieved! products or essential oils visit the online store or give Tricia a call, text, or send an email.

Aromatic Blessings!


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