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Helping Teens Manage Stress with Aromatherapy and Herbs

As the mom of two teens I know that teens can feel a lot of pressure from school, sports, and activities. We want the best for our kids and there are a plethora of opportunities available to help them excel.

Schools offer AP, IB, and other college level classes. Sports involve intense practices, conditioning, and extra lessons in order to be able to compete at the level required for league, section, and state titles. And there are leadership positions to fill, clubs to preside over, and family roles to fill to help in homes with both parents work.

Some kids may depend on academic or athletic scholarships in order to be able to attend college, and that means making the grades and/or attracting the attention of college coaches.

Life can be stressful no doubt. Our attitude and coping abilities can make a world of difference. We each have our unique roles, gifts, and talents, to help make the world a better place. To fulfill our roles usually does not mean we take the easy way out. Often it means hard work, giving our best, and working to excel.

When we experience doubt, feel tense or anxious, or feel overwhelmed we can reach for soothing essential oils and herbs and practice mindful living to help. Of course if there is a serious issue with anxiety, depression, or the like one should consult a qualified health care professional. Natural support can be used alone or alongside allopathic treatments to help support a teen during challenging times. It is important to consider any contraindications with using herbs or essential oils alongside any medication as plant based remedies can possibly inhibit or enhance the effects of medicines.

In teens experiencing tension and stress lone use or blend containing lavender essential oil, chamomile, ylang-ylang, or other relaxing oils used topically or in diffuser blends can help support healthy sleep, reduce feelings of tension, and calm and soothe tense muscles when used topically.

Herbs such as kava root, chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, or skull cap for example could be incorporated into teas or tinctures to help soothe the body.

I personally love formulating teas because they are gentle yet powerful and are useful in creating a mindful practice of boiling water, brewing tea, and taking time to enjoy.

Aromatherapy and herbal medicine are also about a wellness lifestyle. Are you eating well, exercising, hydrating, and getting adequate sleep. These can go a long way towards helping a body feel best and adding a nudge of aromatherapy, herbs, and possibly supplements can go even further.

I write this today because I made several blends and a tea for a stressed teen. It's tough meeting the demand of college and sports or leadership roles but we must do our best to help the young generation to find healthy ways to cope. While I know first hand that some individual definitely need prescription medication to help some health issues, I also know that herbs, aromatherapy, and supplements, can be a great benefit to many.

If you have questions about essential oils, herbs, or aromatherapy, contact Tricia. I love to help people find natural solutions and can work to support your allopathic plan as well.

Aromatic blessings,


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