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Have You heard of Broccoli Seed Oil? Great for Hair, Skin, and Nails.

Ok so I took ten days off to travel with my husband and attend Botanica 2018 and I've returned absolutely and wonderfully swamped with orders, meetings, writing assignments, and what not. But that means while I'm busy filling orders, I've been neglecting my blog and am behind on writing articles.

But I digress! My blog is about sharing the wonderful things that are benefiting my clients. I've been busy making massage oils, hand soaps, hair gels, conditioners, balms, body wash, salves, lip balms and more. And I've been incorporating broccoli seed oil in many of them. It's wonderful.

Do you suffer from dry skin or hair, fly away hair, itchy scalp, or just want to support the health of your skin and hair? Products containing broccoli seed oil may help. And of course a custom product tailored to your specific needs will help further.

I've been adding broccoli seed oil to my hair, massage oil, and skin care products due to the many wonder benefits it offers.

Many of us know that eating broccoli is beneficial. Likewise broccoli seed oil is awesome! Dr. Axe highlights its many benefits on his site.

Dr. Axe states the broccoli seed oil is not only moisturizing as most oils are, but also mimics the feel of synthetic silicone that is found in many skin and hair care products. So you can get the same performance and feel without the synthetic chemicals. Who wouldn't want that?

Broccoli seed oil can be used as is for dry skin, soothing the scalp, reducing frizz and fly aways, soothing razor bumps, and for cuticles and nails. You just need to smooth a little on the skin, hair or cuticles or you can look for products that contain it.

I love the feel of broccoli seed oil and what it adds to skin and hair care products. It absorbs quickly but leaves a lovely shine in hair care products.

Broccoli seed oil has a fantastic fatty acid profile (1):

  • Erucic acid (omega-9 fatty acid): 49 percent

  • Oleic acid (omega-9 fatty acid): 13.5 percent

  • Linoleic acid (omega-6 fatty acid): 11.4 percent

  • Alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3 fatty acid): 9 percent

  • Eicosenoic acid: 6 percent

  • Palmitic acid: 3.25 percent

Oleic acid is moisturizing and support skin regeneration. It is also antimicrobial in human sebum.

The many other essential oils are beneficial to the soothe the skin, support the body, provide a barrier for the skin. The other oils act in anti-inflammatory and supportive ways.

Broccoli seed oil also contains vitamin A, C and K as well as B vitamins.

Dr. Axe thinks of broccoli seed as the next "it" oil. While I don't know if it will become a hot trend in skin and hair care, I experiment with lots of different oils and really like broccoli seed oil.

I love the feel of broccoli oil, its profile, and performance. I'll add it to products in addition to other oils. That said, broccoli seed oil can also be used alone. Use a drop or two in the hair, use directly in small amounts on the cuticles. It can also be used on the skin.

I personally like to create blends for the skin that involve multiple oils. Some may benefit a particular group and some are geared toward a particular client.

Indeed incorporating broccoli seed oils into your regime can be beneficial whether alone in as a component of skin and hair products you use.

I may not have the broccoli seed oil products listed as of yet in my web store but you can still check out the fabulous products available at: https:

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