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Five Wellness Tips for Fall

As the weather cools and the days shorten I look forward to all fall brings. Cooler weather, harvest festivals and halloween, thanksgiving, and gatherings of family and friends. And in some regions the gorgeous colors of changing leaves. (Not so much in Southern California).

Fall and back to school also brings share of not so wonderful things -- colds and illness, fatigue, and stress. Prevention is great medicine as is natural wellness. In this blog I'll share five of my favorite tips for staving off colds and feeling your best during the fall.

1. Wash Your Hands: The best way to prevent the spread of germs is by washing your hands. Plain and simple. You DON'T need an antibacterial soap. Just plain old soap and water will do. I like making a foaming hand soap. To a 8 oz foaming soap pump add about 2-3 T of castille soap (I use organic castille soap enriched with soothing carrier oils), you can add 1/4 tsp or so of glycerin if you like (aids in foaming and moisturizing), and top off with distilled water. If you like add in 10 drops of essential oils (such as 4 drops orange, 3 drops rosemary and 3 drops peppermint or try 6 drops lavender and 4 drops of orange essential oil). This cleans the hands and supports the body. Some essential oils support the immune system. And when you have a great smelling hand soap you enjoy washing your hands (and stopping the spread of germs!)

2. Sleep Supports a Healthy Body and Immune System: Ever wonder why every animal needs to sleep? Our bodies need downtime where they can rebuild, grow, repair, and rejuvenate. While we sleep our bodies can detoxify, recover, and take care of housekeeping tasks. Often resting and sleeping can help the body fight off germs and heal. If you have trouble sleeping you might try getting outside for a dose of morning sun or try using relaxing essential oils (diffuse, use in a bath, or in a lotion for example) before bed to unwind. Some experts suggest using blue light blocking glasses or setting electronic devices to switch to night mode. Why? Blue light can cause our brains to think it's noon and that we should be AWAKE! Avoiding electronic devices 30 minutes before bed sometimes helps as well. Reading a good old fashioned book before bed may help you relax and sleep. And it never hurts to have a bedtime routine to help signal to the body that it is time to unwind and get to sleep. We often do this for our kids and adults can use the same.

3. Clear the Air with Essential Oils: If you've been around germs and germy people wash your hands and diffuse. It smells great and there are loads of essential oils that thwart germs. Some of my favorites for day are ravintsara, eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint, orange, clove, cinnamon, and grapefruit. For night I like ravintsara, eucalyptus, and perhaps lavender or rosewood. Many essential oils are anti microbial and beneficial to diffuse for fighting germs, supporting the immune system, and supporting the body. If you are unsure of what kinds of essential oils to diffuser please feel free to contact me or a local certified aromatherapist. In most cases diffusing what essential oils you have and enjoy will help.

4. Eat a Healthy Diet: Food is not just tasty, it fuels our live and bodies. Real food provides the nutrients our bodies need to function. With all the marketing in place in this day and age eating a healthy diet can be confusing. But you can't go wrong eating "real" food -- especially if it is organic and locally grown. Include plenty of fruits and vegetables, wholesome proteins from grass fed and humanely raised animals or vegan sources, and whole grains. If you use dairy products, organic and grass fed are best. Avoid highly processed food and excess sugar. At the end of the day if your food remembers where it came from (example chicken on a bone vs a chicken nugget or grapes vs fruit snacks made with "real fruit juice) and you are eating lots of fruits and veggies (5 to 10+ servings a day) you are helping nourish your body.

5. Find Healthy Outlets for Stress: Stress can wreak havoc on your immune system, your body systems, and overall health and well being so it is important to find ways to deal with stress. Exercise can work wonders. A daily walk, run, or trip to the gym can help. Taking time for yourself is important. In addition to exercise creative expression or getting a massage may help one deal with stress. Or take time to read, pray or meditate. Having a positive outlook and laughter can also help so it is important to keep thoughts captive and find the good and enjoy the gift of each day no matter what it brings.

As the sayings go "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" and "prevention is the best medicine", Being proactive and supporting our health naturally can be extremely beneficial.

If you have questions about essential oils, aromatherapy, CBD, natural relief, herbs, oxygen therapy, or natural wellness, please contact Tricia. We can do a lot to support our bodies to help keep them healthy. Let's pass it on and share. Of course there are many more great things you can do to support your health. And if you have questions you know where to find me and ask! :)

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