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Laughter as Medicine

As an aromatherapist, scientist, tutor, and holistic healthcare student my "job" is to help people feel and work towards their best self.

Nature provides many wonderful ways to support health and wellness. Eating well, exercise, positivity, herbs, massage, and essential oils are some of the ways to support a healthy lifestyle naturally. And an inexpensive way to boost health is by enjoying a giggle, chuckle, or hearty belly laugh.

We love people who make us laugh. And for good reason -- laughing provides many benefits.

Laughter promotes muscle relaxation. When we laugh the muscles not involved in laughing relax. And afterwards the muscles we used to laugh relax. It's a fun two stage relaxation process.

Laughter reduces stress hormone levels of epinephrine, cortisol, and dopac. (1) And humor can help a person "forget" or focus less on pain.

A good laugh is said to be equivalent to "internal jogging". For those unable to exercise a good laugh can help the heart.

Laughter is said to help support the immune system, healthy blood pressure, and respiration. Laughter particularly social laughter, has been shown to release endorphins in the brain.

So it's no wonder we love people who make us laugh, funny memes, sitcoms, and jokes. Laughter is good medicine and lots of fun. Why not enJOY a few jokes, a funny show, meme, comedian, or amusing friend.

aromatic blessings,


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