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Enhance Memory and Focus with Rosemary

I live in the chaparral of Temecula California and rosemary is often grown in the landscaping. It tolerates the climate well and smells wonderful. Definitely one of my favorites.

I also love to use rosemary in my diffuser alongside peppermint and orange. Love waking up to that refreshing combination.

Besides being a scent I adore rosemary is often used to support memory and focus. Herbalists may suggest a tincture and aromatherapists may suggest an inhaler, diffuser blend, or balm.

There are a number of studies done with rosemary (1) and anecdotal support for the use of rosemary to support memory, learning, and focus. Rosemary is easy to incorporate and generally safe.

Rosemary essential oil should be used with caution and its use avoided around the face of children under five due to potential camphor content. There are also possible concerns about using rosemary around people with high blood pressure or epilepsy but rosemary may be ok to use nonetheless. If you have questions about using rosemary consult a certified aromatherapist or herbalist.

How to use:

Diffuser blend:

This blend wakes me in the morning, I love the aroma (my nephew does too!) and as a bonus it may boost my memory and focus.

2-4 drops peppermint (Mentha x piperita) essential oil

2-4 drops orange (Citrus sinensis) essential oil

2 drops rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) essential oil

add to a diffuser and enjoy!

Aroma Inhaler:

An aroma inhaler can be enjoyed on the go or as a sort of personal diffuser. It is basically a tube of cotton that fits into a plastic or metal housing. You drip oils onto the cotton and nest it into the plastic or metal tube. To use you simply uncap and breathe. It's brilliant and useful.

A rosemary studded inhaler makes a great study tool or perfect pick me up. I like using the same oils as my diffuser blend but you can vary the citrus oils and choose different herbs in place of the mint.

To the cotton wick of an inhaler add:

8 drops peppermint essential oil

8 drops orange essential oil

4 drops rosemary essential oil.

Seal the wick in the inhaler housing. To use: uncap inhaler and breathe aroma via the nose for 30 seconds up to 15 minutes. Use as needed to support memory, focus, or alertness.

Rosemary salve:

This salve is easy to make and can be used to support memory and focus and even soothe sore muscles. It can be made with rosemary alone or you can add peppermint or other oils of choice.

You'll need a double boiler and glass jars.

1 oz beeswax

2 oz shea or mango butter

3 oz jojoba or other oil

10-12 drops of rosemary

Melt wax, oils, and butter over a double boiler. Once melted remove from heat and allow to cool for a few minutes. Add essential oils and stir well. Pour mixture into glass jar and cover. Allow to cool.

Apply salve to temples, back of neck. or wrists (or sore muscles) and inhale deeply.

Rosemary smells wonderful and can help support memory and focus. Give one of these recipes a try. If you have questions about rosemary, essential oils, or aromatherapy feel free to contact me.

Aromatic blessings,


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