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You May Know About Essential Oils but Do You Know About Aromatherapy Inhalers?

Essential oils are quite popular these days and of course there are many ways to use oils topically, aromatically, and even in some cases internally (albiet this last option is best done with a clinical aromatherapist or in the least certified aromatherapist with training in medicinal or clinical aromatherapy).

But have you heard about aromatherapy's unsung hero -- the aromatherapy inhaler? I've got to admit -- I've been using essential oils for years and I'm still amazed at the simple power of an inhaler to combat everything from headaches to nausea and can support many other things such as focus, memory, mood, relaxation, and sleep.

Inhalers are simple to make, cost effective, and powerful. But you don't typically see them in products offered by big companies. So what is an inhaler? Kind of like a personal, easy to carry diffuser. They can be made of plastic or stainless steel and are basically a cotton wick housed in a plastic or metal casing that you uncap, inhale, and enjoy aromatic benefits.

Inhalers are available at some essential oil suppliers (for example: or

You simply add essential oils to the cotton wick (or use a dish to mix essential oils and use tweezers to soak oils into the cotton wick. Place the wick into the housing, seal, and to use uncap and inhale.

My favorite ways to use inhalers are to ease nausea, for focus, or to soothe headache. Here is a wonderful smelling digestive blend to ease nausea and can even ease a headache.

6-7 drops ginger essential oil

6-7 drops peppermint essential oil

6-7 drops orange essential oil

Drip oils into a dish and absorb into cotton wick or drip oils directly onto cotton wick housed in inhaler. Seal inhaler and uncap and breathe the aromatic wonderfulness to soothe digestive upset or ease a headache.

If you have questions about aromatherapy inhalers or would like to stop by the apothecary and make or purchase and inhaler visit us at 28636 Old Town Front St Suite 200, Temecula, CA 92590 or contact Tricia I love teaching others about essential oils!

aromatic blessings,


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