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How to Put the Purpose in Your Profit

This post is a little different from my usual ones but I really wanted to share this free opportunity. It's the 5-day Movement Maker Facebook Challenge hosted by Pedro Adao. And it's FREE. I've signed up and I want to share (I've done other free challenges hosted by Pedro and they've been awesome and I've learned so much!). If you sign up let me know!

This is beyond just wanting to connect with your customers in a meaningful way. This is beyond just wanting to share a passion with others. It's about finding what it is inside of you that you that you were created to do. What is that passion inside of you, that gifting that tells you that you were made for more?

This challenge is about uncovering that more -- that movement inside of you. It's about finding solutions to problems you see in your arena or the world around you.

It's bigger than just selling or making stuff -- its about connecting your purpose and passion to help and serve the people you were called to serve. All within a group of like minded people.

For me my niche includes working with small business owners and individuals to handcraft aromatherapy and personal care products for the mind, body, and spirit. I'm not just making things -- I'm creating them with purpose and passion. I make them with love. I fill a space, a niche for which I am uniquely equipped.

But as an entrepreneur I also need to have success to stay in business. I need to find ways to connect with the clients I can best serve -- the ones who appreciate what I do, the ones I can best help. And that is what this challenge is also about.

How can we connect with the people looking for solutions to the problems we can uniquely solve? How can we let our light shine?

"Movement makers take responsibility for problems bigger than themselves" Pedro Adao

I see myself as a problem solver. It's what I feel I was born to do. And now I handcraft personal care and therapeutic products to solve problems people may have with dry skin, dry hair, aches, feelings of stress, and to address unique needs.

What is the passion inside of you? What is it you want to share with those around you? What problems do you see and how can you help solve them?

Are you ready to start a movement?


Just had to share.

Aromatic blessings,


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