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Soothe Your Mood or Sore Muscles with this Relaxing Lotion/Cream Recipe

Over the past few days clients have stopped by the shop to pick up items (the retail portion of Be Kekoa is open from 11 am - 3 pm Tues through Saturday or by appointment). And it's been a blessing to hear how aromatherapy and plant based wellness such as teas and CBD have been so tremendously helpful for easing headaches, soothing feelings of stress, easing aches, in addition to our handcrafted products just bringing joy and enjoyment to our clients lives. I feel blessed by the postive feedback and grateful to be able to share the power of plants in supporting health and wellness and in creating personal care products.

Aromatherapy doesn't have to be complicated -- but it can be very powerful. In a FaceBook live today I shared the recipe below and some of the benefits of the essential oils used. Try the blend below to create a muscle and mood soothing cream that smells awesome. You can also add the oils to jojoba or coconut oil to create a massage oil or incorporate into a salve.

If you're not much into DIY you can always get a custom blended lotion, massage oil, or salve created just for you. And we have unscented cream base and essential oils available if you'd like to try this at home but don't have the ingredients -- often at much prices for verified organic and wildcrafted products. And if you don't see something on the website feel free to contact me.

Soothe Your Mood Cream:

1 oz unscented cream (we use Be Kekoa Unscented Shea cream or goat milk Shea cream base)

4 drops lavender (Lavendula angustafolia)

4 drops orange (Citrus sinensis)

1 drop ylang-ylang (Cananga odorata)

1 drop neroli (Citrus aurantium flower) or petitgrain (Citrus aurantium leaf)

Add the essential oils to the cream base and mix well with a stirring rod, craft stick, or spoon. For larger amounts simply increase the amount of essential oils per oz of base -- for example to create a 2 oz cream multiply essential oil drops by two. To create a 4 oz cream, multiply essential oil drops by four.

Essential Oil Benefits:

Lavender is a well known and loved calming and soothing essential oil. It offers analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and calming properties. It support immune health and acts as a tonic or adaptogen to the body.

Orange is uplifting and supports mood, digestive health, and can even ease feelings of nausea. Its limonene content also acts as a skin penetration enhancer. That means it helps other essential oils get into the skin and blood stream more efficiently.

Ylang-ylang is an beautiful floral essential oil that is deeply relaxing and research has shown it is able to reduce heart rate and blood pressure. Because it is so strong and sweet be sure to use in low amounts, as too much can cause a headache.

Neroli or orange blossom is beautiful and also deeply nurturing and relaxing. I also recommend using in low amounts because one it is pricy and two it can quickly overtake a blend. A touch will add a beautiful, relaxing aroma. Neroli bitter orange blossom is notoriously expensive but petitgrain or bitter orange leaf is a more cost effective way to enjoy the benefits of the tree. Additionally neroli/petitgrain blends are available to support wellness more cost effectively.

Energetically this blend will nurture and comfort the mind and body. It will soothe and support. Use it to relax and support mood when feeling stressed. Use it to ease neck tension or sore muscles. Or use it simply to enjoy the floral beauty.

Hope you enjoyed the recipe. If you have questions or aromatherapy need please contact me. And visit the website for essential oils, bases, consults, custom blends, and the like.

Aromatic blessings,


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