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Embrace Spring: Expert Tips to Rejuvenate Your Apartment with Invigorating Scents

Bright living room decorated with lemons and flowers

What happens when you ask the likes of candle makers, aromatherapists, perfumers, and artisan home good designers about their favorite spring scents to embrace the beauty and energy of spring in your home?

You get to explore a variety of scents, from floral and fruity to earthy and exotic and an offering or expert tips and ideas for incorporating them into your apartment decor. Be sure to check out Scented Spring: Spring Scents to Rejuvenate Your Apartment.

I'm excited to be a part of this article and share some of my favorite spring scents. Be sure to take a moment to explore it for great ideas to invigorate your living space for spring!

And if you are looking for scents to spruce up your living space, support wellness, or ease spring-time allergies visit the aromatherapy and wellness page of our store for everything from soothing and supportive aroma inhalers to invigorating shower steamers, to uplifting or relaxing diffuser blends.

Aromatic blessings,



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