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Got essential oils you're not sure how to use or don't particularly like? Cleaning products could be the answer...

Do you have essential oils that arrived as part of a BOGO (buy one get one) or maybe purchased some for a project you wanted to try but never got around to it have been sitting around for awhile? Maybe you don't like the aroma, so you're just stuck for ideas for what to do with them.

I've been there. Back before I became a certified aromatherapist I was part of an MLM company that had plenty of BOGOs for oils like fennel, basil, and tarragon and the like that can be confusing to know exactly what to do with them.

Unlike orange, peppermint, or lavender, some essential oils have overpowering aromas that just don't lend themselves well to diffuser blends. Or sometimes all those BOGOs mean we end up with way more oils than a person really needs. But of course you'd don't want to waste them so what's a person to do?

One solution is to use those odd, those old, those perhaps of off-putting smelling oils in cleaning products.

Most essential oils have some level of germ-fighting power. After all plants do live in the dirt and have to hold their ground.

And I've found that when I create cleaning products using old, odd, or off-putting essential oils it feels good. Not only because I feel like I'm upcycling something that has been just sitting on a shelf but also because I'm experiencing aromatherapy while I'm cleaning!

Seriously, while I'm cleaning the counter, the shower, even the toilet -- and experiencing the aromatic plant power of essential oils I actually enjoy cleaning (well maybe not cleaning blinds...)

For example, I've recently I've been posting about sweet basil essential oil. I absolutely love cooking with basil, adding basil to my salad, and using the herb fresh in many ways.

But the sweet basil essential oil I have has been sitting around slightly used for years. I've used it in a few inhaler blends to support calm focus and relaxation, as well as ease cramps but I still have a lot left and essential oils do have a shelf life.

Here's the cleaning spray I created:

Lemon-Basol Cleaning Spray:

Pine-sol revolutionized cleaning by using tree stumps from the lumber industry to create pine oil. Likewise we can upcycle our old, odd, or off-putting essential oils to create stellar cleaning products that are not only natural but also take cleaning to a whole new aromatic and enjoyable level.

Although I'm a cosmetic formulator I'm providing a recipe to keep things simple. I've tried to used things that are easy to obtain and hopefully you already have if you're an aromatherapy enthusiast.

What you'll need:


Beaker, jar, or small bowl for mixing

Cups and measuring spoons

4 oz bottle with spray top

Stir rod or spoon for mixing

Raw materials:

Distilled water

White vinegar

In your mixing vessel (beaker, jar, bowl) add about 1 tsp of liquid soap. Add 10 drops pine essential oil, 10 drops lemon essential oil, and 5 drops sweet basil essential oil. Mix gently to combine. Add the vinegar and top off with the distilled water. Pour carefully into a bottle.

To use: Shake mixture and spray on kitchen and bath surfaces to gently cleanse. Be sure to spot test first to make sure the blend is compatible with the surface.

Please note this is a natural, unpreserved aromatherapy blend. Use within a few weeks. This recipe is intended for personal use as an example of how to use essential oils in a cleaning blend and is not intended for sale.

Do you use essential oils in cleaning products? What essential oils do you have that you're not sure what to do with?

Aromatic blessings,



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