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Here's What New in Fall of 2022 at Aromatherapy by Tricia

Above is my amazing daughter Maya helping me set up in our newest retail location.

Drum roll please...

Starting December 1st Aromatherapy by Tricia will be available at the Adore Boutique located at the Promenade Mall in Temecula. Adore is on the 2nd floor next to Nestle cookies right around the corner from the Cheesecake Factory.

It is a collective of small business owners nestled in between the big box stores. You'll be able to pick up your favorite products as well as gift sets and seasonal selections seven days a week.

And if you haven't already heard ABT has partnered with Women Organizing Women (WOW) to support the Lydia Project. Named in honor of Lydia, the business woman mentioned in Act 16:14-15 of the Bible, it is an initiative to support, educate, and empower women business owners especially among underserved populations.

As the WOW website puts it: "The Lydia Project is a program designed to educate, equip and prepare women to become self-reliant on their ability to utilize their creative gifts and talents as a means to develop grass root or micro businesses. They will learn strategies necessary for becoming successful business owners. They will be taught how to develop proposals, produce an income base, and promote business ownership, business management and/or business expansion. The Lydia Project, is designed to teach and train participants, increase knowledge and skill sets needed to become self-sufficient and/or self-employed. This income generating project is created to aide and assist women with support, thru our annual women outreach platforms.

Our goal is to aid women in overcoming their barriers by destroying the cycles of codependency to the welfare systems which ultimately leads to generational poverty. By partnering them with women of influence, Educators and Life Coaches (which are all qualified in their specified fields of expertise), they will learn firsthand from other women how to become self-sustaining and self-sufficient."

A portion of the proceeds of our Be Lydia products will go towards this program. To learn more about WOW and the Lydia Project visit the WOW website.

And of course we've got your skin, hair, and gift giving needs covered this fall and winter. A selection of customer favorites are 10% off and gift sets are 15% off. Plus get free shipping on orders over $75 using code SHIP22.

Need tips on staying healthy this fall and winter? Stay tuned for the upcoming blog post with my favorite ways to support fall and winter wellness.

aromatic blessings,



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