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"How the World's Most Popular Morning Beverage, is Secretly Boosting Your Health and Productivity"

While I'm formulating I enjoy listening to podcasts -- especially on fill days. One day I was listening to a show about foods that support longevity and health and the host asked the guest for his five top foods.

The guest said there are hundreds and hundreds of foods that are so beneficial but let me start with two foods that top my list and then go from there.

And his answer was unexpected because I don't think of them as "food". But even then, I wasn't totally surprised by his first choice but the second item defiantly made me say what!?

So what are these "foods" you ask?

Tea was one. If you're like me, I don't think of it as a food but I get his point. Green, black, oolong, herbal, and so on. And I was nodding my head. I love my green tea, my herbal tea and am well acquainted with how beneficial they all are (and definitely want to check out the fermented teas and such).

But then the guest went on to say something that surprised me. That second "food" was coffee.

What? Coffee, longevity, health???

Interesting... I listened but also wanted to investigate. I enjoy coffee and I've always wondered if like tea and chocolate -- does this bean, this plant derived drink, offer benefits because in many circles it's seen as an unhealthy choice.

The first interesting fact I learned is that coffee contains chlorogenic acid which offers numerous benefits. It may improve circulation, protect stem cells, support the gut microbiome, slow telomere degradation (which helps slow the aging process), and may help fight excess body fat.

Coffee also offers antioxidants as well as, you guessed it, caffeine (unless you're drinking decaf). Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant that can boost energy, fight fatigue, and increase focus. Caffeine has been shown to block adenosine and increase other neurotransmitters that increase dopamine levels.

The phytochemicals in coffee have been shown to offer a plethora of additional benefits as well.

Studies have shown coffee can enhance sports performance and act as an ergogenic aid, aka "performance enhancer".

Coffee has also been touted as supporting brain health by reducing the risk of Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, and dementia.

In cosmetics coffee grounds and caffeine are often used in products that target cellulite (I'm currently working on a toning gel formulation I'll be launching soon).

And as a side note, organically grown coffee has been shown to have higher levels of chlorogenic acid than conventionally grown coffee.

And to best enjoy the benefits of coffee it's good to keep it simple. Like a cup of black coffee or perhaps with a touch of cream and not too much sugar.

So if you love coffee and have felt guilty about it you can now rejoice. Like other plant based "foods" coffee offers some wonderful benefits.

Learn more about the benefits of coffee here are some informative posts: --- this post delves into the science behind coffee's benefits and the website also has great information and tips on all things coffee -- everything from choosing coffee beans, brewing, storing, and more.

These sites also delve into some of the science behind coffee's benefits:

Are you a fan of coffee? Surprised to learn about its benefits. Feel free to comment, message, or share.

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